Creative Director, Executive Creative

Director and Head of Copy for some of

the best agencies in London

One of the most awarded advertising writers in Britain

How and where advertising is seen has changed. But the importance of the messaging within it hasn't.

Because most of the marketing that everyone is bombarded with is too easy to ignore.

To have any affect, it has to make people stop and think. And however striking or clever the imagery is, nothing can define a brand's purpose, change opinions or compel action more clearly than the words.

That's why I like writing ads.

If cold, wet, hungry and scared is what thousands of kids run away to, imagine what they're running away from.

The Prince's Trust

It's not a jacket. It's a log cabin with sleeves and a hood.


You can take a book anywhere. And vice versa.

Waterstones Booksellers

G'day. G'night. G'morning after.

Swan Light low alcohol Australian lager 

The British Red Cross.
Refusing to ignore people in crisis.
Does anyone ever ask you your opinion? No, not you, that guy behind you.

The Economist

You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation.
Guess which ironically named car you can't fit a set of golf clubs into.


Or stop buying things.

The Big Yellow Self-Storage Company

When politicians defy belief, you need a newspaper that defies politicians.

The Guardian

After years of protest, battery cages are about to be replaced by slightly nicer cages. Hang on, there's that cage word again.


Sheep go BA.

British Midland Airlines

The Conran Shop.
Admission free.
Get a body to die for, not because of.

Men's Health Magazine

Looks like we're going to need a new name for sweatshirts.

Sure Deodorants

Editorial independence. It keeps our readers informed. And our lawyers on speed-dial.

The Guardian

The world's most advanced corkscrew has twelve separate moving parts. Thirteen when you include the cork.


Could've Would've & Should've. The three founding partners of nothing.

ING Corporate Banking

The Audi engineers wanted a Le Mans car that could get to the front and stay there for 24 hours. It stayed there for 5 years.



Is technology killing the art of conversation? Text, email or talk to someone about it.
Information is ammunition. The faster you can load it the better.

The i Newspaper

Even the most ardent reader will never reach the end of a good bookshop.

Waterstones Booksellers